Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not the best thing to read right before Shabbat :(

Hubster CPA has allowed himself to be "volunteered" for the post of treasurer of two non-profit organizations. When we got home from a delightful day with the Rosenfeld family, my husband found, waiting for him in our mailbox, a notice from the IRS setting an April 15 meeting date for him and all the other members of the Executive Board of one of those organizations.

Last year, my husband was shocked to discover that the employee-income-tax checks that he had long ago signed, and that the record-keeper had entered into the computer, had never been mailed. Apparently, one of the required co-signatories had decided to withhold his/her signature and not mail the checks without bothering to tell the treasurer or the record-keeper. My husband gave that individual quite a piece of his mind.

Evidently, the lecture made no impression: The same co-signatory pulled the same stunt again, and now, all of the authorized co-signatories have been called to the IRS because no employee income taxes have been paid for an entire year!!!

If anyone is acquainted with a good lawyer specializing in non-profit law, kindly leave a comment or e-mail me at onthefringe_jewishblogger at yahoo dot com.


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